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Smash Mouth just showed up on @Spotify's most popular playlist called Indie BBQ and I'm having trouble processing everything...

I steamed and fried some Brussels sprouts with butter and salt and now I'm debating if I actually like steak or if I just like anything buttery and salty...

What's the government's credit score these days?

As a new Dad I'm really concerned with Kratos' approach to parenting Atreus. #GodOfWar

OMG! Remotely Inclined was hunted on Product Hunt! So grateful for any support ⬇️

Tip for sales people: Asking me if I'm the right person to talk to about X is flawed. If I'm not the right person, you've just signaled laziness/incompetence AND forced me to admit I'm not useful/needed. Not a good feeling. Instead, try genuinely asking for help.

Considering how popular Mailchimp is, the application is pretty clunky.

I'm pretty sure people that have pristine lawns would appreciate Animal Crossing on another level

I've started whiteboarding at home, for home projects And it's working...

The trick is how do you astral project back to Earth when your spirit is stuck on Mars. See earlier tweet for context.

Have had nothing but 1-2 espressos a day for weeks now, had my first iced coffee in a long time and might be the first person to easily astral project myself to Mars without any training.

Quoted @womenandcolor

Heads up: We've seen an increase in search for speakers on our site recently. We've also noticed an interest in D&I program facilitators. Consider this a gentle reminder to update your speaker profile (and your website + LinkedIn)! 👇🏽

It's always interesting to see how people use Women and Color for more than just a site for public speakers: 🏢 Board members 👩🏽‍💻 Talent recruitment 📺 Expert opinions 🧑🏽‍🏫 Program facilitation 🎙 Podcast and webinars I just talked to someone that's looking for a video series host.

Elections aren’t enough: we need term limits and mechanisms for ensuring *actual accountability* & *meaningful action* from our local elected officials Why should we, as citizens, residents, taxpayers — as their employers — accept that nothing can ever improve? #HamOnt #onpoli

Quick reminder that building a diverse and inclusive company does *not* begin with a one-off job posting, donation, or press release.

1/ What I wish I knew when I was younger 👇🏽

Been hunting around for an email marketing consultant to help with me smart copy for some very specific cadences, and I’ve gotten a few good reccos, but never hurts to have more names! Whom should I talk to? Happy to DM deets!

Looking to chat with early-stage software tech founders building meaningful companies with at least 100 paid users. Specific criteria 💳 Between $1k–$20k in MRR 💰 Raised no more than $500k (if at all) 👩🏽‍💻 Acquired these users in less than 6 months Know someone? Please tag them!

A powerful @TrevorNoah on protesting and society.

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