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#ArmyForTrump #MAGA #ScottBaiosArmy #KAG #MAGABUSMUSTS TVProducer Writer. Hall of Fame inductee 6 # 1 TV Shows Produced Mike Reagan’s TV Show MLK3s too

Viva Las Vegas and Cali
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Don't believe the polls — Trump is winning

Quoted @SDNorthShore

PG&E PSPS Outage Alert 10/24/2020: Due to weather PG&E may turn off power for safety on 10/25/2020. Est shutoff: 8 AM - 10 AM.  Est restoration: 10/27/2020 by 12 PM. Weather can affect shutoff & restoration. Info&Other languages:

Praise God! While they turned iff our power they caught the arsonists that were starting fires during the wind in our area! 😇

#Patriots retweet this #viral on #TwitterDown ❣️my #Independent neighbor❣️ just voted for #Trump2020 👏 after watching #TuckerCarlson on #FoxNews about #TonyBobulinsky 👉make sure your #neighborhood watch's it to

#MAGATRUMPTREE ❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲

Quoted @stevebluestein

Trump doesn’t have a comb-over it’s more like a scalp overpass.

Liberal Comedian And Writer @stevebluestein LOL Made Me Laugh

Trump doesn’t have a comb-over it’s more like a scalp overpass.

DEVIOUS BEHAVIOR ⭐️ Been looking at a lot of different MAGA feeds today. ⭐️ OBVIOUSLY we have all came to the same conclusions!⭐️ FED a distortion of the truth and we are supposed to like it! ⭐️NOBODY has any answers! TV-VIRUS, DEATH + DESTRUCTION! Social Justice!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Caught Lying To Senate Investigations Committee Wasn’t he under oath? America shouldn’t believe anything they say in defense of censorship of conservatives. These wealthy liberal anarchist need to be reeled in! We users are fed up

Calling All Patriots Our Founding Fathers knew the government they established may grow so big and powerful they no longer are responsive to the will of the people. Hence in Article V they provide for The Convention of States. This movement has begun.

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